[AI] Machine Learning

Machine learning is a type of program that has a connection with artificial intelligence (AI), this program has the ability to learn without being explicitly programed. It focuses on the development of the program where it can teach itself to grow and change when there is a new data presented. This is a good way to make machine more human-like, and it help us to solve our problem example survey, or a medical bay that can diagnoses certain diseases.

The usage of machine learning vary according to the needs, it can utilized to sectors such as health, sport, politic, law, security and many more. The example of usage in social media is in Youtube there is a recommended video section, this can be generated because the program see what videos we had been watching and it example we had been watching many videos of basketball, in the recommended videos section we could see videos that related of basket in the section.

Spam filter, this filter to filter spam in our email and inbox of message. As we have email account or text message we could have so much like false advertisement, virus malware email, and fraud like “mama minta pulsa” and many other type. This is irritating problem so the benefit of this application is we will never get more fraud or spam message again by learning the partern of text and other factors.

David Adrias
Odd Semester 2016/2017
School of Computer Science, Bina Nusantara University

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